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Connie Andersen is dying without peace. Can she find the forgiveness she needs before drawing her final breath?

As Connie’s health deteriorates while waiting for a heart transplant, she struggles with the ways her decisions over the years have affected her relationship with her son and the God she serves, and knows because of those choices she is dying without peace.

She spends long, empty hours in the hospital reminiscing about and seeking comfort from the stories she has written as the successful author of the Wheatfield Bridge novels, a series of books about the residents of a small New England town. Then Connie is visited by mysterious strangers while in the ICU. It doesn’t take her long to realize they are the very characters she created to populate Wheatfield Bridge. In their presence, she steps outside of time and place to where she is no longer burdened by illness and the world of Wheatfield Bridge isn’t bound by the page. In alternating chapters of Connie’s reality and corresponding fiction from her novels, the visitors help guide her on a journey to forgiveness.

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