Day 6 – The Child


This week I have been sharing a Christmas story with you in six parts. It is an excerpt from my novel,  REMEMBERING WHEATFIELD BRIDGE, now available on Feel free to share the story with others. You may also visit my website for more information, and be sure to like my Facebook page – jonivannestauthor. Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!



By Joni VanNest © 2016

“Ohhhhh…” A breath-filled sigh filled the room and Hope’s eyes opened wide. A faint hint of memory—just outside their front door—flashed for a second then was gone. “Mommy, she’s so pret-ty.” Bonita Bunny, her ears gently folded into the box, was ready for love.

Hope lifted the doll into her arms. The downy rabbit, the softest thing she had ever felt, even more huggable than her precious bankie, was dressed in lavender and pink from the tip of her floppy ears to her bunny-slippered feet. Silk ribbons tied in petite bows at the base of each ear gave the impression that she was a gentle creature. Even the buttons on her robe were shaped like tiny bunnies. White whiskers emerged above pastel lips and lovingly, in her little bunny arms she held a teddy bear.

She squeezed the stuffed animal tight in an adoring hug. “Mommy, I love my dolly so much.” Her eyes then abruptly filled with worry. “Is it OK if I love my new dolly as much as I love you?”

Her mother cleared her throat and stumbled over her reply. “Absolutely, honey, absolutely. Merry Christmas.”

Hope threw her arms around her mother. “Merry Christmas, Mommy.”

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