pinata-1937444_1920-cropA most disturbing video scrolled through my FB feed today. It appeared to be at a political rally where young children were taking a stick and smacking a piñata of Donald Trump. My first thought at seeing it was: this is so wrong, and on so many levels. Now mind you, I’m no fan of 45, as a matter of fact my political bearings are far removed from most everything he has said or done since taking office. But this, THIS? Has our political fervor post-election got us leaning so far in either direction that we feel the ends justifies the means when trying to make a point? Teaching a child to enact violence on anyone, including someone perceived of as an enemy (even in effigy), has no place in a decent and moral society.

I understand it is our great Constitution that gives people the right to do things others disagree with. Even this. But I am afraid we are moving toward the creation of a nation we will soon no longer recognize, one where individual desires matter above all else and respect and tolerance are no more. When we stand up for what we believe to be right, such as in the rally previously mentioned, it shouldn’t be for self-serving objectives. Standing up for what is right is standing up for what is best for the good of all people. And good is the operative word here. We all have opinions; no one has barred free thought. But when we try to impose those opinions on others without taking into consideration the good of all, a line will have been crossed. And we’ve seen that line crossed too frequently of late. 

So I ask you, what has become of goodness, of compassion for all humanity? It seems to be lacking these days in our actions as well as in those who would be our leaders but instead follow the trend of doing for self instead of those for whom they were given the public trust.

As a form of speech, the word goodness is a noun. I wish it were a verb, an action word, so much could come of that. Still, a definition offered by defines it as “the best part of anything.” What a great definition! It’s positive, affirming. I’d like to promote a new excitement for the word. Let’s find the best part of ourselves and make that the norm for our every action. Let us as a nation, for the benefit of all and in all that we do, commit goodness. The personal and global rewards will be boundless.


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